The Dallas protests, capturing history as it unfolds

Thanks to cell phone video of a Minneapolis police officer kneeing George Floyd to the ground, immediate public outrage struck our country, and for good reason. As we all know Floyd would end up losing his life, another black life lost at the hands of police.

Since that incident protests have been sparking all across the United States, including in my hometown of Dallas, TX. Since Friday, May 29th, protesters have been coming together in Downtown Dallas, and other suburbs throughout the DFW area. All with the same message. Equality. Change. End Racism.

Throughout the past few days I’ve been compiling footage and interviews of the protests. Which I’ll be posting here and on my other social media platforms. I’ve seen great moment of unity, and times when some in the crowd cannot hold back their anger.

Once these protests eventually end, what kind of changes will be made? Will things change?

We are living in historic times, hopefully we can look back to these moments and say that this is when the change started.