Everyone has a story about the decisions they make, who they are and what becomes of their lives. We control our own destiny.

This is mine.

As a child, Journalism became an instant desire. The passion for reading books, newspapers and writing became apparent to me very quickly at a young age and I never looked back.

If you really think about it, each day we live is another day of history that will be noted and recorded for future generations. To be part of an industry where we report paramount facts to the world and tell relevant stories, quite frankly, how much more perfect can a job be?

To me Broadcast Journalism is all about telling people stories that matter to them, news that affects them individually or as a nation all together. I never try to make a story about myself and IĀ strive to never come close to that.

Journalism comes in so many forms from photography, print, radio and television. When all is said and done, I hope to make a lasting impact in Journalism, in whatever form it may come and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Every single individual has a unique story to tell, and I’m looking forward to informingĀ  you about the next one.

-Benjamin Diez